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Task 3 Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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The eighteenth century sparked imperialism in India when the French began to
trade with different places with in India. The British put a stop to that trading early on.
“Officially, the British government regulated the East India Company’s efforts both in
London and in India,”(British Imperialism In India, n.d.). The British government
overtook India’s resources, land, and workforce. Therefore, this gave Britain the power to
enforce land taxes, which in turn produced difficulties for Indian farmers. This lead to the
Sepoy Mutiny in 1857., India was no match for the British soldiers and “as a result of the
mutiny, in 1858 the British government took direct command of India,” (British
Imperialism In India, n.d.). Hence India was appointed a governor to make sure things in
India were running accordingly. Naturally, India was fed-up with the control that Britain
had on them and they just wanted to regain their freedom. “The Indian independence
movement first gained momentum at the beginning of the 20th century, and after World
War I Gandhi organized the first of his many effective passive-resistance campaigns in
protest of Britain's oppressive rule in India,” (India and Pakistan win independence, n.d.).
Gandhi’s persistence paid off, and in 1947, The Indian Independent Movement turned in
The Indian Independence Act this gave India independence from Britain.
The American Revolution was not a effect of one event but several events that
ended up leading to war. The foremost reason these events happened was because of the
dominance struggles with the Europe. War erupted when Europe attacked other countries,
and in return, these countries retaliated. Many battles were fought over many years.
“The finale of these wars was fought on American soil over territory between France and
Great Britain” ("Lesson Plan: Overview, n.d.). In order for Great Britain to have money
for the Ohio Valley they decided to implement the Stamp, Sugar, and Tea Act. These acts...

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