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Tanglewood Case 4 Essay

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Over the years, Tanglewood has used traditional predictors such as work experience, education and interview to predict whether an employment candidate has the characteristics to do well in the important areas of citizenship, absence, performance and promotion.   These predictors have proven to predict a future employee’s promotion probability. The only issue with these predictors is that they do not accurately predict citizenship, absence or performance.   According to the statistics from the traditional method of recruitment, the p-values listed the correlation as very low between the things that were focused on during the interview and recruitment.   The interview score with a high p-value and a very low correlation had to be the least relevant predictor to focus on and yet is being used within the traditional method. According to the statistics that were found from the proposed method data education had the best correlation at .14 and a p-value < .01 and although education is seen as statistically significant it is not practically significant. The best predictors were seen to be biodata questionnaire & essay, with a correlation of .22 and a p-value of <.01 for citizenship and a correlation of -.17 and a p-value of <.01, and the personality exam which measures extraversion and conscientiousness focusing on the conscientiousness with a correlation of .18 and p-value of <.01 for citizenship and a correlation of -.33 and a p-value of <.01 for absence. The only issue with the biodata is that it is very expensive at $10 an applicant and due to it being score by a computer lacks the personal quality that Tanglewood is all about.  

  2. Only a few of the predictors that we measured on had any relevance to the Citizenship, Absence, Performance, and Promotion potential. Education was the first predictor and it was shown that it only had a p < .05 on performance and promotion potential meaning that these two are statistically significant....

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