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Tanglewood Essay

  • Submitted by: trevormcknight
  • on March 23, 2012
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In 1975, two best friends Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood got together to put the plan in action for Tanglewood.   There intial concept was to open a single store under the name of TannerWood.   In 1984, the two decided to rename the store Tanglewood and business begain to change for the company.   The first store’s unique merchandise offering and personable sales staff made them successful quite rapidly, allowing Emerson and Wood to move out of the back room and add several more stores during the late 1970’s.  
Tanglewood is a growing company and as the company begins to grow the use of more associates and managers are going to be needed to help run the business.   Associates and managers should mirror the overall culture and mission of the business to help it become successful.   So Tanglewood needs a strong HR department that is knowledgeable and diversed to assist with the hiring of the right people for the organization.  
I have been asked to assist Tanglewood with their staffing levels and quality so that they can make the right decisions when it comes to associates.   I will be addressing the 9 areas of staffing levels and the 4 areas of staffing quality throughout this paper.  
Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent: I think that for any new hourly positions that Tanglewood should look into hiring outside of the company.   This is gives the company the opportunity to become a more diversed organization.   However, I believe that if there are any management opportunities within the organization that Tanglewood look into investing in their current associates.   This allows the company to show to their associates that they care and that they want to see them grow within the business.   Currently the company doesn’t use temporary associates which is great because this gives the permanent associates the ability to obtain the necessary hours needed for their living situations.  
Hire Yourself or Outsource: I believe that Tanglewood should stick to doing the...

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