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Talking by Mariposa Essay

  • Submitted by: bannanasrock13
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: English
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Talking By Mariposa Santio
They tell me that I talk too much.
I’m trying not to talk too much.
But oh it’s hard to take time out
When there’s so much to talk about:
Why we judge one another.
Why it’s easier to begin than stop.
How hard it is to wake up.
Why do dogs hate cats?
How the truth hurts.
Why things must cost so much.
How did our alphabet come to be?
How time is precious.
Why is the sun so bright?
And ten things I love the most:
How the moon is like a bright light in the sky.
How diamonds aren’t a pretty blue.
How the clouds shelter the sun.
All the clothes in a single store.
How the city lights up at night.
The taste of cold water.
The roast on the stove.
The jays on the wall.
How music speaks.

Day Dream by Mariposa Santio
They tell me that I Day Dream too much
I’m not trying to Day Dream to much
But oh it’s hard to take time out
When there’s so much to think about:
How technology came to exist
Did dinosaurs roam the earth?
How do words come to exist?
What was it like a million years ago?
What would the world be like without any music?
Do aliens roam the sky watching us?
Why do spiders have eight eyes?
Why people are so harsh?
How did we find the technology to get to the sky?

And ten things I Love The Most:

The winter breeze.
The taste of water.
The worlds orbit around us.
How mother nature is so evil.
How we run from the pain.
The summer rays

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