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Taiwan Universities Essay

  • Submitted by: FANFARE
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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      What is one of the most urgent issue for Taiwan’s educational policy? Many students in Tawan take university education as their ultimate educational background,the college education in Taiwan is indispensible for most of students now.However,is entering unversity an absolutely good way for education? With the recently soaring establishments of university, criticisms and potential deficiencies are gradually emerged to the overaboundant unversities.
      According to the estimation,over than 1 hundred unversities were established in past two decades.In Taiwan,the rate of unversity admission has already been higher than 90%,most of students are able to go to unversity without any exellent grades in the entrance exam,it means,unversity education is no longer exclusive for elites but for all the high school graduates.Because of the loosen restraint for unversity establishment,the quality of students is getting harder to filtrate,the unversity education dosen’t stand for the elite education anymore.What is the most ironic thing for unversity education,some of the students can not explain the basic knowledges of high school courses,but they still admitted by unversities,it leads to lots of drastic criticisms and untrustfulness for unversity,nervertheless,many schools keep recruitting students as business corporation conducts,not for education duty,but their own profits and tuition incomes.These phenomena has cost tremendous waste of education resourses and student’s expenses for learning,making Taiwan’s education quality deteriorated,then disintegrate the competency of Taiwan’s students.
      In order to revive the exellence of the unversity education,a more stringent examing meaure for unversity establishment is inevitable for government to impose immediately and efficiently. To prevant the inferior schools increasing,a standard of educating proficiency should be set up.At the same time,students are supposed to be aware of the unqulified schools,there are...

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