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Tai Chi And Accupuncture Essay

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There are many different varieties of natural healing practices used around the world, each made with their own unique specific rules and methods to heal our bodies, minds and souls.
Each healing practice originated from different countries/cultures, and had some form of religion/spiritual belief engraved into it.   Tai Chi and acupuncture are two very well known types of healing practices that have originated from Chinese culture. They are used world wide for there great power of healing the body mind and soul, and have become quite popular in our western culture.

Tai Chi is a from of exercise that uses a combination of slow, relaxed, powerful movements which originates from traditional Chinese medicine. For over 3, 000 years Chinese medicine was summed up by three words: Maintain, enhance and heal, which creates the tools required for developing strong health and long living through Tai Chi. Maintain is the theory that in order to have a healthy life, taking care of your mind and body on a regular basis is necessary. Enhance is the theory that in order to enhance ones life a person must increase their abilities physically, mentally, sexually and emotionally to achieve a successful balance. Heal is the last step into achieving great balance in life. After being fully comfortable with Maintain, and Enhance, Healing is where a person turns all his/her human potential into meditation and into a spiritual form.

Further research in Chinese medicine indicates that acupuncture is another form of traditional healing practice that involves placing needles through the skin of the body to achieve the flow of energy from within. The flow of energy is produced through the slight sensation of pain that signals the brain to release natural endorphins and increase the body’s circulation. To understand acupuncture a person has to understand the meaning of Chi. Chi is life-energy, it is the force all around and inside us, that makes a human being alive in all forms of...

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