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Symbolism Essay

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  • on March 21, 2012
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In literature, symbolism is what makes a short story/novel fascinating and captivating read. Symbolism gives us an avenue to travel through the writer’s mind, explore his /her way of thinking, and comprehend why a writer chooses to pass across a concept in a certain way and not another way. It can be said to be the writer’s way of jogging the reader’s mind.
There are striking similarities between uses of symbolism in the three novels. In all three novels, the narrators use objects to articulate the symbolism. In the “Red Convertible”, the writer , Louise Erdrich, makes use of symbolism in a multiplicity of ways. The dominating symbol is the title car. Erdrich uses symbolism to give her story complexity and depth and contributes towards plot and character development without long explanations. Thus, “The Red Convertible” exemplifies, at various scenes in the story, almost all the concepts the story intends to convey.
In “The Cathedral”, the narrator uses a church. The narrator together with Robert, a blind man, being part of the story, is a representation of true sight, the capacity to glimpse past the surface to the true meaning within (Carver 78). Whereas, in the “Brokeback Mountain”, a mountain is used to bring out the symbolism. The narrator Annie Proulx propels the theme of the story by using the setting of the novel as a form of symbolism. This is clearly revealed when the narrator creates a juxtaposition of beautiful and harsh images of the landscape’s cruel beauty, to depict the complex nature of Jack’s and Ennis’s relationship.
Arguably, the convertible’s immense input to the story is a symbol of the affiliation between Henry and Lyman. They bought the convertible collectively on a notion; this demonstrates their eagerness to perform a weighty responsibility on impulse. Again they made a decision, and took an impromptu approach, that was mutual, to take a long road trip during the summer, immediately after buying the convertible (Erdrich...

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