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Sweeney Todd Critique

  • Submitted by: kakin15
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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I picked Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street directed by Tim Burton because I enjoy the works of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I enjoy that it is not a run of the mill horror slasher, but a horror musical. The characters also draw me in immensely. Sweeney Todd, a former convict of being naïve, and Mrs. Lovett, an owner of a shady meat pie shop, are the main characters. Next, we are introduced to Johanna, Sweeney's daughter, Anthony, the young man that brought Mr. Todd to England and in love with Johanna.

A man, Sweeney Todd, condemned because another man, Judge Turpin, wanted to steal his beautiful wife and daughter. He comes back to England with a young sailor, Anthony, after 15 years. He goes back to his old home, now owned by Mrs. Lovett, that has become a meat pie shoppe. She recognizes him by his previous name, Benjamin Barker, and offers him a place to live. Meanwhile, Anthony falls in love with Mr. Todd's daughter who is now Judge Turpin's ward. He concocts a plan to steal her away and live happily ever after. Sweeney begins to kill people that come in for a shave and Mrs. Lovett grinds them into her meat pies. Mrs. Lovett falls in love with him and tells him his wife killed herself. It ended in Anthony's plan succeeding, only after Sweeney almost killed Johanna. Mr. Todd gets his revenge and finally kills the Judge but also kills his wife. Upon realizing, he throws Mrs. Lovett in the oven for lying and is killed by the boy that helped around the shop, Toby.
The actors got into their roles very much in depth, I felt the motivations of each character. Sweeney Todd's character is shown through many different ways a book could never achieve. His hair is striking, all black with an abrupt streak of white that represents the stress and horror he has gone through and his clothes are heavy and dark. Another way they portray him is through the lighting, as tends to conceal at least some part of Todd's face at all times, showing he is 'in the shadows,'...

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