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Sustainability Essay

  • Submitted by: markmarkbark
  • on March 21, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sustainability is the efforts of society to mitigate the amount of waste we produce and the amount of energy we use. A change in lifestyle behaviors and the creation and sanction of green policies is a result of sustainability efforts in action though it is arguable that these efforts are not moving at a fast enough pace to make an impact. The breadth of sustainability spans far beyond its definition to survive on earth with limited resources. Furthermore, its significance and necessity is telling of society’s priorities and discipline.
Respecting our earth means making up for past negligent behaviors due to both rapid development and current consumption habits. By doing so a sustainable future is in reach so long as we consider our earth as a limited resource. In short, sustainability is a way for societies to not only move towards a clean earth but to reflect on why consumer habits and societies superstructure sacrifices mother earth to maintain unhealthy lifestyles. Lectures, readings, conventions, transition towns, and the like are all tools used to educate and raise awareness about the negative effects of overconsumption on our earth. Understanding the impact of overconsumption requires an all encompassing scope that looks at the history of the problem, its progression and the hurdles we will need to overcome to reach a more sustainable future. On the wheels of education and on the backs of a globalized culture of concerned citizens, we will surely arrive at the steps of determination and progress. Humbling our culture to receive and treat mother earth as good as it has treated us by valuing our natural and limited resources in such a way that promotes efficiency, economic growth, and cleaner consumption will produce vital positive and necessary change for the entire world.   The consequences of continuing to lead the same life dictated by the same behaviors will result in a climate altered by greed and inconsideration. Today sustainability is being...

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