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Survey Paper Res/341

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Survey Paper
The purpose for this survey is to address the problems that have been going on at Shaklee Corporation with the attitudes of the employees, which may be affecting the customer service level at work.   Asking the survey questions will potentially help the company understand the issues that are going on and be able to manage them and get a solution resolved where everyone is satisfied.   Understanding the needs and wants of the employees is something that is of high importance to Shaklee Corporation; it would be easy for Shaklee to just replace all the employees that are unhappy but that is not what Shaklee Corporation wants to do.   The company knows the value that its employees have and would rather get to the root of the problem, because it could be something that the Shaklee Corporation as a company is doing that is causing the employees not to be happy and eliminating those employees to bring in new ones doesn’t solve the problem if the it is the company that is doing something wrong.
The questions in the survey are appropriate for Shaklee Corporation to find out the reason why many of the employees are not happy in the company.   The reason the questions are appropriate for Shaklee to figure in what ways the company can improve and most important find out if the employees being un happy is what is causing the customer service scores to be so low.   The questions help get information from employees that have been with the company for a long time as well as employees that just started, this will give Shaklee a better look at the at the answers and be able to determine what the exact cause for the problem is.   Many employees after working for a company for a long time may loose interest and feel that the work ethic that was once was there doesn’t need to be there anymore.   When new employees come in to the company,   for the most part follow the lead of the employees that have been there before them.   Shaklee believes that by getting all employees on the...

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