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Supporting Your Friends Essay

  • Submitted by: thuydat
  • on March 31, 2014
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“Yeah Esther!” I applauded. I was at a tennis tournament, observing my fellow tennis player, Esther. She just won an unbelievable point, but in the long run, she was losing. She already lost the first set, and her opponent has won four games in the second set. Her opponent only needs two more games to win the match. I couldn’t watch my friend lose this match, so when she took her break, I strolled towards my companion, ready to change the game.
I talked to Esther about what she was doing wrong, and how she could do better. However, when I was done speaking, she asked, “So what do I do now?” I replied, “Imagine you’re the one winning, not losing.” I was very unsure if she got the message, but when she looked up, she had a big grin on her face and went back to the game. From then on, she was on a roll. She made stunning points, and she didn’t lose a game since I talked to her. By the end of the match, she had obliterated her opponent. When she was leaving, she beamed at me and said, “Thanks for your advice, my BFF!”
I realized that when it comes to sports, I want anyone on my side or team to win, so I’m highly motivated to give encouragement so that they’ll do their best. I’m proud at myself for helping motivate my fellow tennis player, and it made me realize that giving support to another, even in small ways, can have significant results. In result, I am more inclined to have a supportive attitude towards people.

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