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Supporting a Business Event Essay

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Company overview
Le manioc de Brazza la verte is a home based company which produce and sell cassava for African and Columbian restaurants and supermarkets. At Brazza la verte we care about customers. That`s why we have conduct a market research to find out what our customers needs   and competitors research to know determine how much we are   going to sell my product to . We are looking to raise 27612 pounds at 7.2% rate that we will repaid in 5 years times with a monthly payment of 493,33 pences.

Le manioc de Brazza la verte is a small restaurant based from home which produce and intend to sell chickwanga to local African, Mexican restaurants and supermarkets within the United Kingdom and Ireland. To produce casava this typical root from sub-Saharian Africa and South America, We will have to buy raw material which include cassava dough, string and banana leaves. Our cost of raw material per unit will be at 25 pences, our direct labour will be at 21 pences, and our variable absorption will be at 0.03 pences. The production cost per chickwanga will be 59 pences. My selling price will be at 75 pences.   Our profit per unit will be at 16 pences. To carry out our market research we decided to visit our competitors local restaurants, markets and African shops. We visited Dalston and Peckham markets to know the price of the cassava dough which is the main ingredient to produce our cassava. We discover that Daltson Market was selling 1.5kg for £ 3 with an average production for over 160, however Peckham market was selling 1 kg for £ 2. We also visited have visited Lily rose we found out their selling price per unit was £ 1.50. We walked in King Georges, Tata Mapassa, and Sabor Africans and South America restaurants based in North London and Essex their selling price per chikwanga was between £2 and £ 4. After carried out our market research we have decided to sell our chikwang for the unit price of £1.

Direct labour per unit...

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