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Supernatural Essay

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  • on March 21, 2012
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Discuss the importance of the supernatural in Macbeth.
Macbeth is a tragic play portraying the greed and ambition of Macbeth. William Shakespeare uses the supernatural elements to evoke fear in the minds of audience.
The first supernatural element found in this play is the three witches or known as the weird sisters. In Act 1, scene 3, The three witches and all of them introduces as ‘The Weird sisters, hand in hand,’ to Macbeth and Banquo. The appearance that the witches poses is that of pure evil. In starting of the scene, each of the witches described their wickedness in a proud manner. For example, when the second witch asked where she had been, she replied, “Killing swine”. This statement shows how the witches enjoy being devilish arouse horror in the minds of audience .
Moreover, the witches supernatural element reveals when they had their first meeting with Macbeth. “All hail to Thee, Thane of Cowdor, All hail, Macbeth! That shall be the king hereafter.’’ This quotation proves that the witches bring out the supernatural power to give prophecy to Macbeth. Their prediction on Macbeth’s future becoming the Thane of Cowdor and the king came truemakes then seen as the supernatural element. This supernatural element leads to Macbeth’s greed and over-ambitious that contributes to his down fall.
Lady Macbeth also brings out supernatural element when she wanted the royal title for her husband as predicted by the weird sisters. “Come, you spirits/ That tend my mortal thoughts, unsex me, / And fill me from the crown to the toe, top full,/ of direst cruelty. This clearly shows that Lady Macbeth invokes to destroy her female nature and gentleness to   make a force of evil. This strengths her resolve to supress her own human nature and to be evil. The supernatural element which brought into her attracts the audience which shows her evilness and the desire for power.
“ Is the dagger I see before me,’’. Macbeth has a vision of dagger just before he tried to kill...

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