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Sunnyside Hospital - Future Planning Essay

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Sunnyside Hospital

Future Planning
Strategic HR Plan
A 5 Year Plan for our Workforce

Author: Peter Stojanov

Date: December 12th, 2014

To create an accurate projection for the next 5 years for Sunnyside Hospital and to create a plan to counteract against any potential issues that may arise in the coming years.
Data Methods
Information used throughout this report is generated using company data, which was also represented in graphs throughout the report to have an overall view of troubling areas of Sunnyside’s business.
The range from which the report will cover falls within the boundaries of a projection between 2013 to 2018 and no further than that. Throughout the report we will cover simply the employees at Sunnyside and no one outside of this company temporary employees and temporary transfers.
Strategic Analysis
- important location with busy weeks and busier weekends
- plan to build
- majority of employees are Baby Boomers
- significant loss over the years through voluntary turnover
- further for many employees from their homes
- not
- with an increase in revenue the company has funds to expand in by building new wing for patients
- loss of employees to other jobs that are closer to home
- with expansion of hospital there’s a concern that there will be not enough employees
Corporate Strategy
With the imminent expansion of the hospital and the worry from managers that there won’t be enough employees or upper management to facilitate this new section, recruitment and retaining current employees will be an important factor to keep our eyes on. Incentives should be put into place in order to avoid losing employees to competition. Recruitment should be priority in areas other than the nursing staff.

Workforce Projection, 2013 to 2018
Demographic Profile and Retirement Projections to 2018
The majority of employees currently at Sunnyside are...

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