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Summary On True Unity

  • Submitted by: renaensen
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Summary on true unity concept

Malaysia is one of the countries in the world which is populated by various racial, ethnic and religion. The largest ethnics group can be formed by Malay, Chinese and Indians. The official religion in Malaysia is Islam. However, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and various other tribal religionsare also been practiced in Malaysia. There is an unique unity in its diversity, eventhough Malaysian comes from diverse of background.

Each race maintains its own culture and religion and mingles only among them. Everybody seems to live happily within his or her own community and everyone is holding strongly to his or her own cultures and religion. Surprisingly enough, we have not become One Malaysia even after 53 years of independence.
Unity has to start with friendliness.We have to be friend first and then we develop love.The next will respect and indirectly trust gained between each other. When we have love, respect and trust, then we may have unity.
To achieve racial unity in Malaysia whereby the keys are interactions and communications. It’s been like question mark whether Malaysia is truly a multiracial society or only a country with many isolated races. How to achieve racial unity, is one of the main concerns of those who love peace and harmony in the country. The slogan of One Malaysia is only a slogan and it will not lead to real racial unity.
As a conclusion, we will achieve a true unity when all Malaysians finally have the same religion and culture. In the context of Malaysian society today, we don’t have true unity and   also doesn’t knows how the government knows exactly how to achieve a unity among the citizens.

In one phrase, without love and respect towards to each other there is no word to be called UNITY!

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