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Summary Of "California's Solar Energy Battle"

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Summary of “California’s Solar Energy Battle”
In the article “California’s Solar Energy Battle” by Lowell Parker, the author points out that the solar power is in competition with fossil fuel utility companies. Many people in the U.S. are living in financial turmoil. People are finding various ways to save money, and they are advocated to use renewable energy, particularly solar energy. Thereby fossil fuel utilities began to unnecessarily worry that they are making less and less profits. This circumstance led to a battle between utilities and the solar incentive plan in California. There is no doubt that the results of this struggle would give direction to the future of applying solar technology in the nation. Moreover, this article mentions an example that Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in San Jose saved $300,000 per year by spending $1.1million installing solar technology. The author introduces a program “net metering”, which means the consumer’s electricity meter will backward as long as they generate solar power. This program exactly is the reason why the utilities companies want to stop it since it is unfair for the non-solar customers. While people benefit from California’s incentive plan of solar energy, the fossil fuel utilities company also has a plan giving credit to their users. Despite the solar power technology is challenged by the fossil fuel utilities, it has been considered as a possibility of substitution of utilities.
In my opinion, it is somewhat simple to save money with solar power. You can build your own electricity generator by using solar panels. When you generate your own solar power, you don't have to deal with any bills from the utility company. Besides, a big benefit to use solar technology is that it is a renewable and clean type of energy. Solar power cannot create large amounts of CO2 that fossil fuel can. In other words, I believe that solar energy will be more affordable and widespread in the future.

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