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Keep Our Earth Clean and Green
Last week, I found an exciting article that was issued on the day I was born. The article “Students Save Trees and Paper for the Earth” was published in The Daily Yomiuri on December 9th 1993. This student essay by Sayaka Takagi received the Education Minister’s prize in the third annual “Save the Earth” Essays and Activities Contest. Takagi argues that doing little engagements can result in a lot of improvement and about the activities that her school organizes. The target of these activities is to look after the Earth by cleaning the harmful waste products disposed by humans and by recycling (e.g. cartons, papers and etc…) which reduces the extraction of our non-renewable resources. Both Cleaning disposed waste products from the environment and recycling is crucial to the natural environment of the earth and especially the trees.
When I read Takagi’s article I liked her first sentence, “Small things make difference” (8) and I do agree with her. There are two reasons why Takagi believes that when only little actions are done, a lot of improvement towards the health of the Earth is made. Firstly, when she used to climb a neighboring mountain with her classmates and teachers to remove, underbrush and conduct areas on the trees growing there, she used to see how they were making a big difference (the mountain becomes clean) by doing small things (removing underbrush). The other reason to why Takagi believes that “Small things make difference” (8) is when she and her schoolmates used to collect empty milk cartons and recycle them by taking them to the recycling factories that make paper out of them. She used to see that the small things that make a difference, being the milk bottles that is getting recycled helped saving trees and at the same time less amounts of non-renewable resources were needed to be extracted from the core of the earth, which is a huge positive influence on the health of the earth. The reason why I agree with her...

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