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Structual Analysis

  • Submitted by: andrewtunkoil42
  • on March 23, 2012
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A Products Campaign
Andrew Taylor
English 105
Instructor Belknap
Monday 22, 2010

In this day and age it is important for companies to keep up with the increase in technological development.   Getting a product to be bought by the customer is not as simple as what it seems like when it first meets the customer’s eye.   Now companies must put out commercials, radio, and advertisement in places the customer never realizes there is advertisement.   Now specifically, Apple has had quite a busy time creating advertisements for every age group.   Different generations, or different age groups tend to notice advertisements in all forms of media.   This means Apple comes up with all sorts of new creative ads to attract consumers.   People tend to grow faith in companies products if they produce durable and reliable products.   Apple effectively uses different forms of media, their trustworthy and creative writers, and logos to attract a constantly changing customer base.
Apple brings up past statistics during some of their advertisements to build strong logos.   Customers identify these statistics as being trustworthy numbers that build up a product’s potential.   Giving the public strong statistics and data strengths the reliability of that advertised product from the consumers prospective.   By doing this they are also showing the public their credibility as well.   Which means by demonstrating strong logos, Apple reveals their ethos as well.   Fernandez Joe (2010), “ Google must make the Nexus One Smartphone stand out from the crowd” (p. 5).   Apple would not be expressing good logos if they came out with a product with only feminine features.   If the product were for both genders then the males would get upset, and search the market for another product with more masculine features.   Each product must meet male and female standards, and appeal to both sexes.   Not only does the product have to appeal to both sexes, but the advertisements have...

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