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Stroop Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: gurlovleen
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Stroop Effect- Research Investigation

Title (1 mark)

Introduction (6 marks)

  * Summary of results of previous research on the topic (2-3 sentences) pg. 96  
  * Aim
  * Hypothesis
  * State the IV (mention all four conditions)
  * State the DV

Method (4 marks)

  * How many participants? Who was our sample?
  * How did we recruit/select them?

  * What did we use?

  * What exactly did you do? (Write this out in numbered steps)
  * Include a description of how the IV (independent variable) was manipulated
  * Include word-for-word the instructions given to participants
  * There should be enough detail here so that someone else could replicate the investigation

Results (3 marks)

  * Include your table, and a descriptive title, e.g. Table 1: Participants’ responses  
  * Include the means/averages for each condition
  * Include a few sentences describing the trend of results

Discussion (6 marks)

  * State a conclusion [A conclusion is a statement about whether the hypothesis was supported or rejected on the basis of the results obtained.]
  * Explain the theory behind the results (i.e. WHY did we get these results)
  * Compare the results of this study to those from previous research.   (Is it consistent or contradictory?)- look at what you summarised in your introduction
  * Can the findings be generalised? (i.e. would you expect the results of this study to be the same, or similar, to the wider population?)- Why/why not?
  * Are there any extraneous variables influencing our results? What are they?
  * Suggest how we could control these is the experiment was done again (i.e. how the study could be improved)
  * Are there any ethical issues relevant to this investigation?

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Criteria                                                               Available Marks


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