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Stressful Moment Spening Money Essay

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Stressful moment in spending money
Alison is 21 years old, single living with her parents at home finish high school and graduated from college with a bachelor associate degree and work as administration assistance. Alison goal is to move out of her parent’s apartment, save money, and pay off her student loan together with her credit card debt and her dream is to have a dream wedding married in two years but she got a habit in spending money when she’s stressful and also owes a lot of debt.
Alison works as administration assistance in a public hospital she earns $25.000 a year. Alison lives with her parents. She owes many debt among them are Visa card, Macy’s, JC Penny,Gap,and Zale’s. Alison favorite activities are going to jewelry and clothes shopping every Friday afternoon after work. She work 5 days a week fulltime and sometimes extra hours. She spends money just to get a little relaxation to ease her stress and tension. Alison usually spends approximately $250.00 each week going shopping.
Alison is not only spending a lot of money on her credit cards but also has to pay off her remaining, $18,000 student loan. She owes Marcy’s $90 monthly bill from that is $25, her balance on the Visa is $4,500.the balance produce monthly bills $150.the JC Penny, Old Navy, and Gap cards carry small amount of balances .JC Penny $80.00, monthly bill is $40 .Zale’s $1200.00 with a monthly bill of $90, Gap card carries a small amount of $49 the monthly bill is $15.Her groceries bills is $80 an groceries every month, $5 laundry every week. She helps her mom pay the gas and electricity bill by giving her $45 a month.                          
Alison   wants to move in   her own apartment and planed   to save money to have a dream wedding, but first she really need to learn how to cut back on her wild spending going shopping every Friday after work. Her cell phone bill $45, internet $35, and also her auto insurance on her Nissan which is $200 are paid on time and without no debt...

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