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Stress Management Essay

  • Submitted by: aravalar
  • on March 23, 2012
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Stress Management Proposal
March 2, 2011

Stress Management Proposal

There are many different techniques to help manage stress. Each individual person may have different types of stress such as work stress, school stress or maybe even minor stress issues from traffic or personal conversations. Different techniques might work better than other techniques depending on your level of stress and maybe even your lifestyle.
A person who is active in physical fitness might enjoy a yoga technique or meditating simply due to the fact that they are more comfortable with the atmosphere. Someone who does not routinely work out may not enjoy such styles. You have to define what type of stress you may have in order to find the best technique for you.
As a person with an extremely busy lifestyle I have chosen a time management technique to help reduce some of my stress. I have a family of 5, run a business and am in school fulltime. My wife also has a full time job and is in school as well. These time management techniques have helped me a little bit in reducing the procrastinating that I normally do.
Several of the task management techniques are very useful but not practical in some situations. Unfortunately it is hard to change a habit when it comes to everyday working needs. In today’s society and technological advances we are becoming more reliant on the multi tasking features and have a hard time trying to take a “one task at a time” approach. Managing time is a great way to reduce stress if you can utilize all of the techniques. Once you make the decision to work on time management you really need to focus on it and do the steps needed to succeed. I personally found it was causing more stress for me to try to make sure I was doing all of the steps, therefore this technique of time management was not the one I should have chosen to do.
Yoga techniques have evolved since early time. People have learned to develop ways in which they can reduce their stress...

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