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Stress Essay

  • Submitted by: JerryYang871122
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: English
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Jerry Yang
Miss Goodling
HSP3 Grammar and writing
30 March 2015
Classify stress
Everyone has stress in their whole life. Some stress is small, but some stress can affect a person a lot. Stress is invisible but exists in our lives. Sometimes stress can help to improve us but sometimes it may cause a person to struggle. I classify three kinds of stress that affect me now: stress from teachers, parents, and friends.
First of all, the stress that comes from teachers is the most common one if you are a student. Since we are students, teachers’ roles are to teach you, and they will give you a lot of homework and projects to see whether you understand or not. But if there is too much homework or a project that we cannot handle, it may cause a lot of stress. Last semester before the final exam, I had three presentations to prepare, and I am not good at talking, so it took me a long time to prepare. At that time, I was so stressful and nervous. So I did not sleep well and got sick.
Next, the stress comes from parents is a stress that affects me the most. My parents are very traditional, so they always want me to have good grades. If I do not do well on my test, they get angry and limit me. So if there is an exam, I will be much stressed. For instance, when I was studied in junior high school, it was my most stressful time in my life because the courses were so hard. And I am not good at math and physical science and chemistry. I sometimes failed on my tests, and my parents would get angry and they would limit my TV time and game time. I would be very unhappy after that.
The last one, the stress that comes from friends is not very common for me, but I know many people have stress from friends. Some people like to judge and slander someone and you will get hurt if you hear that, especially if they are one of your friends. I think that feeling must be horrible. When I was in junior high school, I was a class leader. For my responsibility I needed to manage the class....

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