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Strategy Management Essay

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Changing behaviours: Self-reframing using a spatial format
Sometimes people have difficulty changing behaviours that no longer appeal to them. Behaviours which are hard to change are often labelled 'habits'. Being able to change any behaviour you choose, when you choose, is a prerequisite to successful living. One effective way of changing behaviour, called reframing, is presented here in a spatial format.

Mark out the following three 'positions' as circles on the floor, far enough apart to keep each one separate, and close enough to be able to move from one to another with ease. Mark one circle for 'behaviour', one for 'intent' and one for the 'creative state'.

Build yourself a 'creative state'.
Begin by standing outside the 'creative state' circle and think of a time when you were performing creatively according to your own standards. Note what you saw, heard and felt while reliving that experience. When the memory of your choice is strongly present as if it were happening to you now, step into the 'creative state' circle. Then step out of the space for the creative state, and leave the "creative state" that you have just re-lived, in that space. Keep adding other examples of creative states into the circle, one at a time, until the state in the circle feels strongly creative.

The Process
  1. Stand in the circle that represents 'behaviour' and think of a behaviour that you would like to change, or you find limiting or habitual. Make sure that the behaviour is represented in one or more of the senses, in other words, imagine and/or hear and/or feel the behaviour.
  2. Step back to the circle that represents 'intent', and as you do so ask the question, 'what is the intent, function or purpose of the behaviour?'. When you have a sense of the intent for the behaviour move into the 'creative state' circle.
  3. Ask yourself 'how else can I fulfil the intent for the behaviour?'. While within the 'creative state' allow...

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