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Strategic Management Essay

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Fallon Worldwide Change
Brief Summary of the Article
Fallon Worldwide is a marketing advertising company which has its headquarters in Minneapolis. It had to reposition itself to meet the complex requirements of both global economy and more-demanding clients but feared that people will regard them being more corporate and less homely.   However in April 2000, Anne Bologna (director) drafted a five-page manifesto calling for breakthrough ideas which lead to a companywide meeting. The acquisition was a strategic move which would help it to achieve those ambitious goals which are impossible to achieve solely.   The agency launched Fallonet. The people were grouped on the basis of brand rather than by discipline. In June 2000, the agency went through it’s first-ever lay-offs; whereby Bologna concluded that in a down economy, the creativity plays the role of currency.

Aim of the text and Main Finding
The aim of the overall assignment is to make us understand the role of change inside dynamic organizations. The application of diverse marketing strategies by Fallon Worldwide to meet the challenges faced in the environment needs to be stressed. The significance of creativity in down economy was the main finding.

Brief Statement of my evaluation of Text
To understand Fallon, you must first understand where it was born. In a city in the middle of the American Upper Midwestern prairie, where the summers are short, the winters are brutal, and the work ethic comes straight off the farm—get up early, respect the people around you, stay humble, know you can always do better, and never let your family down.

Out of our Midwestern beginnings came the remarkable vision to create the world’s best advertising agency. An agency built not on the typical foundation of politics, competing agendas, inflated titles, and expansive offices, but on a new model.

Question No. 1
Critically evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses on the opinions of the author and discuss...

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