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Story Of Science Essay

  • Submitted by: iloveleehongki
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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‘Take the pill, man’
‘No, I don’t do that type of stuff, I told you’
‘C’mon, just try it, just this once, you never know, you might like it’
‘Man, I told you before I’m just not into that kinda stuff!’
‘How can you know? You’ve never tried it!’
‘I said no’
‘God, you’re such a bore, just have fun and loosen up for once, would you?’
‘Would you please just go away?’
‘Typical Ian, always scared to take a risk…’
‘Okay, fine, if I take the damn pill will you just shut up?’

I knew I shouldn’t have taken it from the moment it touched my lips. I knew I was going to regret it the minute the drugs took its hold. But still, yet again I let Steve pressure me into it. What the hell is wrong with that guy? Why the hell am I even friends with him?

Then suddenly it hit me. Bam. Like a truck of pure bliss and euphoria had just wiped me off the middle of the freeway. Everything looked so pretty, so delicate, so beautiful… the lights flickered and danced in a way that made my heart sing, the warm, gentle winds of summer kissed my skin…. there wasn’t a problem in the world. Every sound was like a glorious symphony to my ears, every smell around the room a delightful infusion of scents. I could sail the most treacherous seas, fly the highest kites, swim with the most ferocious sharks on earth, and even climb to outer space… I could do anything, I was invincible.

Outer space… hmmm, I pondered this thought for a second. All I really had to do was climb through the sky. It was relatively simple, really. Once you got past the sky and the stars, and then the moon, you were free in space! It was so heavenly, climbing through the night sky. The blankets of delicate darkness that veiled the earth were embellished with glimmering colonies of nightlights, casting an ethereal radiance upon the rest of the world. The stars seemed to sparkle with such a beauty that had never been properly observed before. It seemed a waste to have such magnificent natural spectacles so high up… so...

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