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Still Your Turn Word-of-Mouse: Dot-Com Comparisons Essay

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Chapter 8
Word-of-Mouse: Dot-Com Comparisons
Tien Nguyen

  1. I selected 3 jobs that is accountant, executive secretary and electrical engineer. Secretary of CEO is paid highest salary and accountant is paid the lowest in comparison to all the three jobs. This result is not really the same as my expectation. Before doing the searching I also thought executive secretary is paid highest; however, I thought the lowest payment belongs to electrical engineer. Because I thought electrical engineer employees just work by manual labour, do not need high education and do not have much responsibilities and subordinates. That is the reason I thought their salary is low.

  2.   Three jobs do not have much different bonuses as a percentage of their base salaries. The bonus salaries of each job is about $1000 each year. In my opinion, this is because the bonus salary is not much compare with the annual base salary. Moreover, the bonus salary almost follows the rules. Therefore, it is nearly the same in every company. The bonuses as a percentage of base salaries also shows that. The jobs with low base salaries have the bonus percentage higher than the high base jobs to motivate employees who have lower wages.

  3. I saw no value of stock options in the website. I think the value of stock options can help people who are looking for the job can know the operation of the companies in the good situation or not.

  4. They are accurate descriptions for jobs that I would be applying for and I can know about the job I would do, then I know the job fits for me or not.

I cannot find the job as training and development specialist. I think because this job is general and this is combination of two kinds of different jobs. Hence, I just can find the job like training specialist or development specialist.

6.       After graduation, I should give data about my education and my experience for “asking price”. Because the more I study or work, the...

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