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Steven Pinker Response Essay

  • Submitted by: Shahe
  • on March 23, 2012
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Response Paper

Steven Pinker is a cognitive psychologist at Harvard University. He has captured the attention of the psychological world many times before, and he is about to regain that attention once more. With his counterintuitive and obscene arguments, he has managed to offend the political spectrum, being called a sexist, polemical, and dangerous. In his new book, The Better Angels of Our Nature, he makes the obscene claim that the current era – with various means of destruction and death – is the least violent era of human history. He claims that all forms of violence are less abundant than ever before.

“We have trouble believing it partly because we see so many egregious examples of violence streaming the Web and blaring across our big-screen TVs,” he claims. “Our own eyes deceive us because we estimate probabilities by how well we can remember examples.”

Steven Pinker claims that the general public perceives the world to be an extremely violent environment, now more than ever, because of the greater than ever abundance of egregious content accessible to us. He claims that images of violence now come from everywhere, for example, anybody with a cell phone camera; this makes it seem as though there is an act of violence occurring ever so often, almost anywhere you could think of.

“We think the problem has gotten worse, but that’s because our sensibilities have gotten more refined.”

This quote could very well be the most solid evidence Steven Pinker has to offer to prove his point. Examples of this evidence could be seen absolutely everywhere in the world lately; the world has become hyperaware of things of sexist, racist, and offensive nature. What he is trying to say is that, today, any insignificant thing which proves to be even minimally violent, offensive, racist, or sexist, will be almost immediately attacked. In this quote, Steven Pinker claims that the world is perceived to be more violent than ever, because we have become more...

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