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Steps To a Simpler Life Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Steps to a simpler life
Does the perfect family really exist? There is no such thing as the perfect family, only families that are willing to get real with one another. We all want the best for our families but sometimes, we are not able to see what others really want or need as we are too busy trying to make them be what we want. There would be peace in my home if my family followed three of sugarman’s steps: Get rid of old emotional baggage, tell it as you feel it and make blueprints flexible.
One way my family would really, benefit is if we would “Get rid of old emotional baggage.” Old feelings of hurt can creep up and make you angry all over again especially if you are not honest with the person who hurt you. Carrying this baggage for a day or even years will wear away and cause more stress than is needed. When baggage is heavy, it is hard to trust and when you are wary of others, it is hard to be trusted. Being truly honest is the only way to get rid of “old” emotional baggage. When I am blatantly honest with my in-laws, about how I feel, I never walk away thinking it did not make her mad. I know that I cannot control how others feel about me so I should just try to make the best of every day.
In addition, when we tell one another when something said or done bothers us; we have a better chance at creating harmony around us. I am a solicitous person that is sometimes afraid to hurt my in-law’s feelings. When angered by my in-law, I do not speak up, my husband, and I end up agreeing to disagree because I voice my feelings to him. I would rather tell it like I feel it.   Holding back has ingrained anger that even my children feel.
Finally, everyone needs to be able to bend with everyday life. Bolster your feelings with positive changes so that others will see the change and mimic it. Chronic anger will cause a person to become stiff and rigid. Being flexible with the blueprints of life does not always mean giving in, but it does mean being strong enough to...

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