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Steps In A Jury Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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The Steps in a Jury Trial
Wendi Fisher
January30, 2012
Shane Krauser

The Steps in a Jury Trial
When a crime occurs the police investigate, gather evidence, and question witnesses. When the police gather enough evidence, they arrest the alleged guilty party. Under the 14th amendment of the Constitution every person arrested for a crime is guaranteed due process of law. To ensure that each citizen receives fair and just treatment the justice system must follow the correct procedures. The steps in this process are: arrest, filing the complaint, the arraignment, the preliminary hearing, the grand jury, the indictment, pre-trial procedures, and the trial.
When the police officer suspects a person committed a crime, he or she will make an arrest. The police do not have the power to charge a criminal with an offense. The police officers write a report and submit it to the district attorney who than determines what to charge the criminal with. Once a suspect is arrested, he or she must appear in court within a certain amount of time to be arraigned. A judge determines if the suspect receives bail and is released until trial.
When an offender appears in court for his or her arraignment, the judge will read the suspect their rights and inform the offender of his or her charges. The judge will set a bail if the suspect qualifies. A bail is a way to release the suspect with a set amount of money to ensure that he or she will appear in court. A judge will determine if the suspect is a danger to the community if he or she is released. The judge will also determine if the suspect will run and not show up in court.
The preliminary hearing determines if a case has enough evidence to take to trial. The judge must declare that there is probable cause and send the case to the Superior Court for trial.   Once a case makes it to this court, the judge can change the charges and add or drop charges against the suspect.
If there is significant evidence to charge a...

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