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Step 23 Essay

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Giang Vu
BA 206/Tue 12pm-1:50pm
Instructor: Tim Hovet
Managing Effectively in a Changing World
  1. List and describe several ways organizations collaborate across boundaries. Note: the emphasis is on organizational boundaries and at the level of the enterprise, not geographic per se. 
Why people collaborate, especially across boundaries? Collaboration helps to solve problems that are hard to be solved, or easily solved. There are several ways organizations collaborate across boundaries such as: top manager, middle manager, frontline manager and team leader. Each manager needs essential skills, for example: technical skill, conceptual/ decision skill, and interpersonal/communication skill; however, there are differences in the level of each position of the manager. For instance, the top manager doesn’t have to be good at technical skill but in skills of decision and communication must be high level. Because when you are a top manager, making decisions are the most important task. Technical skill means the ability to perform a specialized task involving a particular method or process (Bateman, 2013, p.17); that is not a job for the top manager. In field of middle manager, it is the same as top manager in decision and communication skill, but the technical skill need the medium level. Frontline manager and team leader however have the same level at every skill which are high in technical skill/communication skill, and medium level in decision skill. In short, interpersonal/communication skills are required to be high level in every position. You have to be able to very good at communicate effectively with other people (your staff, customers, partners, ect).
  2. List and explain each of the five keys to managing for competitive advantage.

There are five keys to managing for competitive advantage which are innovation, quality, service, speed, and cost competitiveness. In my opinion, innovation is the most important aspect to remain...

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