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Stem Cell Research Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Stem Cell Research
      Stem cell research is an issue that has managed to stir the necessary controversy in the media and the public. The controversy surrounding it is of a highly ethical and moral nature and is mainly concerned with one of the main sources of stem cells: embryonic cells. Opponents are alarmed about the extraction of embryonic stem cells for research and worry about the potential destructive impacts of this on the embryo. Those in favor argue in their turn that stem cell research hold many opportunities of advancements in the medical field, which can aid millions of patients in need (Reaves). In short, the debate of stem cell research is filled with opposing and diverse views.
Those opposed to stem cell research do so based on several arguments. First, opponents believe that science has simply gone too far in its attempt to destroy an embryo, an act which many religious leaders and believers consider murder. Thereby, religious people with moral objections are also alarmed that science, through stem cell research, could actually yield the secret of living forever. Additionally, there are individuals who believe that stem cell research would grant certain people too much power, which could be abused. This fear stems from the anxiety that legislators may be unable or unwilling to regulate the way in which's scientists conduct their experiments. Furthermore, this fear is also connected to the worry that some legislators might use the results of embryonic stem cell research for their own selfish purposes, such as the genetic engineering of the "perfect race", as the Nazis attempted to do. Moralists oppose stem cell research also on the basis that it is disrespectful to human life (Forman 27-30).
On the other hand, supporters have referred to the scientific reports about the successful isolation and culture of stem cells that have offered hope of the possibility of new cures for fatal and debilitating diseases....

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