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Starting a Business Essay

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Starting a Business

Some tips to get the most out of social media for your business :

  * Your social media profiles are all about who you are as a business. Don’t be afraid to share that personality, and let it work for you.
  * When we have created your website and Twitter feed, don’t forget to help get your direct customers involved. Are you a restaurant? Include your site link, or even a QR code customers can scan with their smartphones to be led directly to sign up. A salon? Have your workers snap and post some haircuts right when they’re finished.
  * Create incentive for your existing customers to use your social media channels: discounts, giveaways, even allowing social to influence new product development.
  * Talk to us if you are looking for creative ideas for integrating web marketing with your brick-and-mortar business. It’s what we do.
A few examples:
  * Offer a discount for joining the Facebook group or signing on to Twitter:  Customer just shows they are a member (smartphone, print-out) and they get a small discount.
  * Offer a giveaway by first tweeting for instance “Watch our feed on Thursday May 4th for a special giveaway!” and then at a certain time release a password which when provided (say by the first 5 people), they get a free whatever.
  * Allow customers input into future specials or product offerings through social polls. This involves the client as it depends on their business and willingness to participate in such a program. (Social influence on product development)
  * Print cards with QR codes, facebook, twitter icons plus the company logo: we will design free, printing cost on the client.

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