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Starbucks in Manhattan Essay

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Starbucks in Manhattan:

Factors for Chosen Locations

Shannon Gallagher

SUNY Geneseo

        I intend to study a new topic pertaining to Starbucks locations and why they are placed in their locations on Manhattan Island. I plan to 1) map where these locations are, 2) map against median age and economic position of the locations, and 3) map the districts are located and see if this has an effect for the location / clustering of these Starbucks. The study consists of finding these business locations and explaining why they exist where they do. The use of GIS better portrays this information and makes the data easily recognizable.  

The focus of the research I gathered is the clustering that has occurred within urban areas and the factors that allow the creation of chain stores and restaurants. This is easily seen in Manhattan with the prevalence of Starbucks. Outside research seems to consist of a general hatred for the destruction of small, family owned stores, “along with Starbucks, Microsoft, Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Walmart are transnational brands that enjoy considerable success while simultaneously being the recurrent targets of anti brand activism and grassroots efforts to block their expansion   (Thompson & Arsel, 2004).” Much of the research concerning Starbucks and chain stores show that clustering occurs “where the demand is: this pushes all the stores to be located near the center of the town, or near “strategic” places where the demand is concentrated (Jensen, Boisson, & Larralde, 2005).” I assumed that Starbucks would be located near tourist areas and businesses. I also assumed that they would be near places with a higher concentration of undergraduate and graduate college students.
The point of this research was to discover if clustering was a legitimate factor in Starbucks’ location placement and to consider the other factors that could be influencing...

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