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Stalingrad Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The Battle of Stalingrad was a battle of pride between Hitler and Stalin. This battle of pride was due to two factors: one was the fact that Stalingrad bore Stalin’s name and two was that Hitler did not believe he could lose a battle. The battle was also one of the few battles where civilian casualties were numerous. In World War II, the Battle of Stalingrad was a major turning point in the fight against Germany due to many mistakes made by the Sixth Army and the determination of the Red Army to defend their homeland. The defeat of Germany in Stalingrad caused major losses for Hitler, including the fact that he lost over half his army in the battle, and a chance for the Allies to take back the war. Furthermore to understand how the Soviet Union won the battle you’ll need to learn the mistakes Hitler made and the advantages Soviets had over Germany.
The leader behind the German forces was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and dictator over Germany. Hitler once served in World War I but never seen the war throughout due to a fatal wound so he had to return back home. During his lifetime Hitler was arrested and served time, but during that time period he released a book called “Mein Kampf”, where he tried to restored the pride of Germany and by telling how the Allied Power did not actually defeat them in World War I. When he was released from jail he started a group called the Brownshirts that carried out Hitler’s orders and are also one of the main reasons he was able to rise to power so quickly. Once in full control over Germany Hitler launch numerous of campaigns that most people would consider evil and inhuman. The leader of the opposing forces was Joseph Stalin.
The two main nations involved in the war were Germany and Soviet Union. As stated by Ellsworth, “Stalin ignored all information on Germany’s preparations for attacking Soviet Union, therefore being unprepared for the war with Germany” ( Encyclopedia Americana p 328   ). The reason for...

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