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Stalin Essay

  • Submitted by: andrewolive1919
  • on April 3, 2014
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You have collected a lot of very good information, you must now write up your outline plan 1) title 2) define 3) Aims 4) justify 5) intended Approach When you are writing the Essay on The Battle of the Bulge   Write out you aims make sure to stick to them in the Essay. Introduction, 4-5 Paragraphs and   a conclusion. There is no problem   in using quotations if they are suitable. The words are 1500 in total. This is made up of approx. 200 words for Introduction 200 for each of the Paragraphs x 5 where each one will make up one of your aims from the Outline Plan and 200 for the Review which we will look at later. The Review is an account of your experiences of doing the RSR from beginning to end. All source must be listed and have three pieces of information.
Divide up your essay into 5-6 aims and write a paragraph on each.
I   will need the outplan and the essay by   Monday 18th February.

Hitler’s last chance.
The Battle of the Bulge was a significant battle as it was Germany’s last chance in the war. The Battle of the Bulge took place on December 16 1944. The Germans mobilized the last chance they had to win the war. The Germans wanted to cut the American forces in to two parts, because this way they could easily be destroyed. Hitler felt this was his last chance to win, because his forces were being pushed back and soon they would run out of the resources they would need to win the war. Hitler was mobilizing a task force of 500,000 Germans soldiers. The allies were slowly pushing through the Ardennes Forest on the German, Belgium boarder, with a force of 600,000 American soldiers, and 55,000 British soldiers. Hitler hoped to surprise the Allies of guard and quickly separate the army. The allies pushed through this are because they felt this was the least likely place to set up an attack to assault the Allies. The Germans selected it because it was easy to hide troops in the hills. Hitler code-named this attack as the "Wacht am Rhein". The Americans went through...

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