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St. Francis Of Assisi Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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13 July 2011
St. Francis of Assisi
Our Confirmation name identifies us in a unique way; not just our physical selves, but also who we are as a person. Therefore, I have chosen to make my saint name St. Francis of Assisi because I think his story is an inspirational one and because I agree and admire his patron, which consists of animals, ecology, and merchants.
Although he was born into a prosperous family, St Francis rejected this life in favor of a life of poverty and piety. He rejected all of the luxuries of life, even giving the shirt off his back if he saw a beggar without one; eating only what he could beg; tending to the sick and even to lepers. He became renowned for his inspirational sermons that led many others to a more pious lifestyle and drew many followers to him, the Brothers Minor, who emulated his ascetic life.
St. Francis of Assisi inspires me because he truly was one with nature. He would preach to the birds and other animals, and to him the sparrow was as much his brother as the pope.   I love animals and I admire how he was so he inspires me to protect our planet. In the future, I would like to become a marine biologist or an ecologist and in this manner be able to help and make a difference.
This saint influences my faith journey because he shows that it is never too late to change if you are willing. He also shows that objects and possessions are not necessary for happiness and that you can find happiness without them.   He also inspires me to give and be more helping to the needy and poor, as well as to be fair with all living creatures because we are all God’s creation. He also shows how we should spread the word of God’s love and live life with a smile despite the challenges we might face.
St. Francis of Assisi truly was remarkable person who gave up a life of riches and luxuries to spread the word of God’s love. He took the word of the Gospel literally and lived his life happy with nothing but the clothes on his back and...

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