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Speech on Why Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legalised. Essay

  • Submitted by: reynolds2811
  • on April 16, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Speech on Why Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legalised." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I’m here to talk to you about why Victoria should be made the first state to allow terminally ill patients the use of medicinal cannabis for pain relief. There are many scientific studies proving that it would be beneficial. 16 different countries (and 19 U.S. States) have recently loosened laws to legalize cannabis based medicines, and heroin and cocaine rates have dropped. The Australian National Drug Strategy Survey has shown that the majority of Australians would support this act. Also, many myths about marijuana are false. It is illegal, but it isn't dangerous. 
In 2014, the Cancer Council Australia has calculated 128,000 Australian citizens will be affected by cancer by the end of this year, and every single one of them will be deprived of a well-recognised medicine ‘scientifically proven’ to relive their pain. Australia was given the chance in 2013 to amend its current stance on medical Cannabis when a New South Wales Parliament Committee proposed amendment to allow terminally ill patients the right to up to 15 grams of Cannabis for the purpose of pain relief. However, this proposal was ultimately rejected by the New South Wales Government.
American research carried out by Harvard in 2007 has revealed that in many instances, Cannabis has been found to reduce cancer growth by as much as half in as little as three weeks. The research revealed that THC, an active chemical in Cannabis has the ability to slow and interfere with cancer growth. Furthermore, in 2012 German research concluded that Cannabis also has numerous medical benefits for multiple illnesses, ranging from: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ‘MS’, Tourette’s syndrome, ‘chronic pain’, spasms, nausea, and eating problems. If medical Cannabis was to be adopted within Australia, over two-hundred-thousand suffering individuals would be able to ease their pain every year.
Not only the current laws, but society’s attitude towards marijuana use can lead to loss of community support for...

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