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Spain Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Abiola Olabode 8P                           COWBOYS DON’T CRY By: Marilyn Halvorson

Diorama project paragraph.

Explanation of the scene.

The scene takes place when Shane sees his first view of the new home in Deer Valley Alberta. They came over a hill and he got a first glimpse of the little white house with a grove of big, old spruce trees standing guard around it, he got the weirdest feeling that he'd lived there all his life, he felt as if he belonged there just like those trees did, and the creek and the bunch of white-tail deer that went bouncing and jumping across the field. He though that to most people it would have just looked like a run down old farm with a lot of fallen down fences and a barn that needed painting. To him it looked like home. He was probably excited to be seeing his new home for the first time since he didn’t exactly have anything he could call a home.

Importance to the book.

This scene is really important to the book because this is the house that changed everything, the reason they moved to Deer Valley Alberta. The to me   represent a new life for josh Morgan and Shane Morgan. They get to start out fresh and redefine themselves. The Morgan's had to struggle for a long time because of the death of Mrs. Morgan, since then Josh and Shane's relationship seemed to be going downhill. This scene is important because it was moving to new house that caused them to met the different kinds of people that helped them with their problems and with dealing with the death of Mrs. Morgan. If grandpa white never left his farm to Shane and if they never accepted the offer and didn’t move to Alberta, I don’t think that the story would have progressed and the Morgan's would   have kept struggling with their problems alone.

Why I chose the scene.

I chose the scene because I though that it was really important to the book. The scene kind of explains that the Morgan's are going to have a new lifestyle from the one they had before. I chose...

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