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Sounds Essay

  • Submitted by: tkacz166
  • on April 14, 2015
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Readers can experience sound while we read through different ways. One way a reader can experience sound while reading is through vowels. Vowels can give the reading a certain sound. As the reading said, “Vowels are in a way like musical notes; we can set up a vowel scale based on the frequencies that the sounds have in themselves.” High-frequency vowels go well with expressions of excitement. Another way readers can experience sound while we read is through consonants. In the reading says, “constants are produced by interface that sets up an audible turbulence or cuts off the airflow completely.” Constants have their own distinctive characters, which can be noticed during repetition. Different words and letters can give you a different airflow and create a sound and different feel for the reading.


Both of these poems show sound in their own ways. The first poem shows sound through the use of alliteration in the fourth stanza. The fourth stanza repeats the consonant “c” throughout the whole stanza. Also in the fifth stanza it repeats “li” in the beginning of all words. The second poem the author uses a different way to show sound. The author actually uses the use of sound by saying, “heard through the back wall window.” Also he writes about the leaves falling from a tree, this can lead any reader to being able to hear the sound of the wind, leaves blowing in the wind, and leaves crushing under your feet as you walk.

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