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Sound Of Madness Narration Essay

  • Submitted by: abxfardone
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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The anxiety, the wait, the days leading up to the day had nearly killed me. I had never wanted a day to come so fast so badly. My father had taken me to numerous concerts before, but this one, I was just too excited for. I dont know if it was the love for the band, my basic love for concerts, or my love for the venue, but I had never been more anxious to go see a concert. The band was Shinedown, the venue is The House of Blues in Atlantic City, and there was just no better place to see the concert.
There was nothing I hadnt liked about the whole experience. The arguements dad and I would always have, "This band is better. No they are better." It seemed to be the regime for any day that we would go to a show. We spent the day jamming out to their album's to get even more psyched for the night ahead of us. The time would always come to decide what to wear. I had always wanted to fit in with the concert crowd. Jeans and an old concert tee was the basic uniform for us. Thinking about it now, it really is somewhat nerdy. We had just left the house, en route to Atlantic City. I loved the trip, I always have. Upon arrival we had always walked the boardwalk, and gorged ourselves at America's finest establishment, Hooter's. Eventually, the clock would wind down. There was now an hour till showtime. We walk all the way back to the Showboat, the casino housing the House of Blues.
The long line that seemed to go on forever, the intoxicated people going crazy for the show that wouldnt start for an hour, the smell of spilled alcohol all over the ground and tobacco in the air. Just thinking about it brings me back. The dark room, with only the stage lights to brighten the room. Brightening it just enough to see the T-shirt vendor who is always there on stage right. It was accustomed that we become part of the swarm of people around the table with each shirt. Elbow to elbow with strangers would normally make me uncomfortable, but our common love of the music brings us all...

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