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Solubility Essay

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Students gain a better understanding of why liquid water is important for life and why NASA plans to “follow the water” in its effort to find evidence for life on Mars.

• Students characterize the solubility of three solutes (salt, sugar, and cornstarch) in three solvents (water, vegetable oil, and rubbing alcohol).
• Students compare the abundance of three solvents (water, crude oil, and alcohol) found at and near the surface of Earth.
• Students discuss relative ease of evaporation of water, oil and alcohol.
• Through the above explorations, students draw conclusions regarding possible reasons why liquid water is important for living systems on Earth.
• Through an extension activity, students explore the relationship between plant productivity and annual precipitation.


|Grade Level |Content Area                         |Content Standard                           |Guides to Content Standards                   |
|5-8         |Science as Inquiry                   |Abilities necessary to do scientific       |Design and conduct a scientific investigation |
|             |                                     |inquiry                                   |                                               |
|5-8         |Science as Inquiry                   |Abilities necessary to do scientific       |Think critically and logically to make         |
|             |                                     |inquiry                                   |relationships between evidence and             |
|             |                                     |                                           |explanations                                   |
|5-8         |Science as Inquiry                   |Abilities necessary to do scientific       |Communicate scientific procedures and         |
|             |                                     |inquiry                                   |explanations                                   |

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