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Socrates Defense Essay

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  • on August 17, 2015
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For Socrates’ second speech after his conviction, he continues planting his persuasive seed in the minds of his fellow Athenians who found him guilty by a slim margin and ultimately made the decision to sentence him to death.   This time however he switches gears and indirectly fights to prove he was innocent and should have been acquitted through his speech about punishment in which believes he should be rewarded instead.   Instead of creating an argument of asking questions and presenting evidence as to why he should be innocent, he verbally takes control and tells the accusers and those who voted against him why he will not waiver or fear the outcome they chose for him. Socrates makes claims about having his “active life” in which he helped many people and why he should be rewarded instead of the death penalty that has been demanded.
Being a philosopher and a man who stood by his values strongly to improve one’s Self, Socrates felt that those who opposed him lead a life that was not spiritually rewarding.   He referred to those persons as having an “inactive life” (Plato 33) one that he personally “neglected” (Plato 33). He “neglected the things that concern people most… making money, managing an estate, gaining military power, or civic honors, or other positions of power, or joining political clubs…” (Plato 33).   It was, in fact, the people who had the money and had the civic honors that disliked Socrates’ way of life.   The way of life that combats theirs because he “tried to render a service” (Plato 33) which was to Socrates “the highest service of all” (Plato 33).   Even in the face of death Socrates was trying to prove that he did what he did not only for himself but for the good of all mankind, especially for the city and its future. He continues, “I tried to persuade each of you not to care for any of his possessions rather than care for himself.   Striving for the utmost excellence and understanding” (Plato 33).   Socrates then suggest that those who hold the...

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