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Sociology Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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We based our observation assignment on a site that is located in York University; we observed the food court in the student center. Through three days of observation we were able to analyze certain behaviors of people who were in the food court.

Research location, dates and times of observations

The food court is located on the main floor of the Student Centre at York University. The food court consists of nine food venders, which provide us with various types of food to suit everyone’s preferences. This site is quite large; it is able to accommodate roughly around 550 people. The food court offers students a place to eat comfortably, providing tables and chairs throughout the area. Observing this area gave us the proper insight of what really goes on in a food court and how people behave. We observed our site within three days, each day for a total of one hour. October 24 at 2:30, October 28 at 4:30, and November 4th at 10:30. This gave us enough time to fully examine the site and compare the various assumptions we came up with.

Research Questions
As a group we assembled a series of research questions we could use to help us in our observation study. We wanted to focus our research more towards the people in general rather then the site alone. The additional questions we came up with along with the four provided questions were as follows. Who cleans up after themselves? Now this was a very broad question so we decided to specify it according to gender, groupings, and ethnicity. What we automatically noticed was that students in groups were leaving their garbage on the tables whereas people by themselves cleaned up their mess as they got up. It can very easily be based on a social aspect that concludes this observation. People who are with more people are focusing on each other socially rather then what’s being left behind on the tables. Are the people in the student center food court eating or socializing? Based on our observations we noticed that...

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