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Sociology Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Explain what is meant by the ‘matrifocal family’
06)   A matrifocal family structure is one where mothers head families and fathers play a less important role in the home and in bringing up children.
Suggest two reasons for the decline in the number of first marriages over the past 40 years or so, apart from those referred to in Item 2A
07) There has been an increase in the fear of divorce; more people are worried about getting married and then getting divorced. Therefore they tend not to marry so that they don’t have to get divorced because of the finical cost.
Another reason is the decline in stigma more people are choosing to have other relationships such as cohabiting relationships. Over the past 40 years this has been accepted because the society’s attitudes have changed over the years. Therefore it is now socially accepted not to be married to someone that is in a relationship.
Suggest three effects on society of an ageing population.
08)   Reasons for the increase of society’s ageing population is an increase in the dependency ratio. When people get older they start to depend on others again, this could be because they are ill. Therefore those that are ageing need more support and help, will increase the ageing population because they will live longer because of the care that they are getting.
Another reason is that the retirement age is raising this means that there are more people working which will then result in them being more healthy and living longer. This affects the ageing population because it means that those that are ageing will still be working which could then increase their life span.
Finally the roles within families have changed over the years. This means that grandparents may be seen as head of them family because of reasons such as parents passing away. This then effects the ageing population because those that are older are taking on roles and responsibilities that they wouldn’t have normally, which could increase their life...

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