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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: jessjones97x
  • on April 2, 2014
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Assess sociological explanations for the increasing diversity of the family
There are many different types of family in the world today, not just the traditional nuclear families there are also many more lone parent and same sex families.
In the world there has been a massive increase in the diversity of the family. There are now many types of family now; the nuclear family, the extended family, lone parent families, same sex families, reconstituted families etc. Statistic show that 65% of all families in the UK are nuclear. This has decreased massively as time has gone on. There are more lone parent families and same sex families in the UK today due to the fact these type of families have become more acceptable in society today, it is now ok to have same sex marriages, whereas it wasn’t before. Also it is becoming a lot easier to get divorced now days and a lot quicker and cheaper. This has led to more lone parent families and more reconstituted families when people decide to re marry.
The Rapoports argue that we have moved away from the traditional nuclear family as the dominant family type, to a range of different types. In their view, family diversity represents greater freedom of choice and the widespread acceptance of different cultures and ways of life. Unlike the new right, they see diversity as a response to people’s different needs and wishes, not as abnormal or a deviation from the assumed norm of the nuclear family. They identify 5 different types of diversity in contemporary families. These are; Organisational Diversity – This refers to the differences in the ways family roles are organised. For example some couples have joint conjugal roles and two wage earners whereas some couples have segregated conjugal roles and only one wage earners.
Cultural Diversity – Different cultural, religious and ethnic groups have different family structures. For example there is a higher proportion of female headed families among African Caribbean households. Social...

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