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Society Under Illusion Essay

  • Submitted by: brohama
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Society Under Illusion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is astonishing that the majority of the human race lives in and accepts the aspects of modern civilization as the natural occurrence of life.   There seems to be a general lack of consideration as to how we have manipulated society to be constantly expanding our expectations, and thus we mindlessly do not acknowledge the fact that this directly affects our happiness.   In Sigmund Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents”, he argues that the civilization we have created and adopted has indeed led to our suffering.   By examining the advancement of the human race, from primitive peoples to an almost God-like human capability, the disillusionment of modern civilization is revealed.
There was a period in time in early human history that involved many primitive civilizations that, from historical records, seemed to be generally happy with the lack of material goods.   Freud observes that the first occurrence of this was the spread of institutionalized religion: “when the progress of voyages of discovery led to contact with primitive peoples and races …   appeared to Europeans to be leading a simple, happy life with few wants, a life such as was unattainable by their visitors with their superior civilization” (38-39).   The more technologically advanced society, which had the means to sail across an ocean, was motivated by the spread of the Christian doctrine.   Those who felt a void in their spirituality as a human sought meaning in their given consciousness, and found comfort in the idea of holy scriptures and higher beings. This temporarily would relieve natural curiosity and developed a sense in faith, which in turn would motivate a mass group of individuals who shared the convictions to spread their findings.   Perhaps it is the more ignorant society, previously unhampered by such propaganda and thus deemed primitive, which would find comfort in a less sophisticated society.   Moreover, it seems mental anxiety would become a commonality after the inevitable spread of...

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