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Socialization Through Out Life Essay

  • Submitted by: KelseaKagarise1
  • on April 18, 2015
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Socialization is the processes in which we develop an awareness of social norms and values; it allows us to achieve a distinct sense of who we are as a person. The socialization processes are particularly distinct during infancy and childhood, though they continue throughout life. The reactions of others influence socialization and teach us what is expected. Each person’s socialization into the world is unique to them, even though we are being taught the same general etiquettes, morals and values.
I grew up with three brothers and a single mother, our father was absent for our early childhood years. My mother, being a single mother, struggled to make ends meet and still does to this day, but we were never exposed to the struggles she dealt with as children. Being the second oldest of my siblings and the only girl, I believe made a substantial impact on my socialization in early childhood. I was always the interested in helping my mom around the house with cooking and cleaning and helping with my brothers. Doing all these things with my mother really engraved maternal instinct in me and a feminine personality which, growing up with three brothers could have been different.  
In my pre-teen years struggled with my self-image, I was picked on by my classmates in middle school and I didn’t have any close knit friends. Dealing with this caused me to become depressed. When I was in sixth grade the house that we lived in burned down and we lost all of our positions, dealing with the unstable living situations as I grew into a teenager affected my personality I drank with my friends and disobeyed my mother. I Colored my hair black and started dating an older guy; I was spiraling out of control. Around the time I was fifteen my father became present in our lives, he got married and settled down in a town a few miles away

from our home town. I was sixteen when I went to live with my dad and he helped me to realize what is important in life. I began working on my...

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