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Social Work Essay

  • Submitted by: fatemashekh
  • on March 31, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Social Work" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This short essay is belong to Ruth Hegarty who as written a book “Is that you, Ruthie?” its about her own life and pain which they have suffered through separated from their mother, love ones and their families. To the life and early days spend together in dormitory with strict discipline and unfair behavior that was no alternate for the love and care of their family. They all are treated similar rules, nobody get any special privileges, and they are just dormitory girls. Their lives were governed by the same policies. The Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium come 1897 (Qld) was instigated by a report written by Archibald Meston and was introduced with added restrictions on the exchange of opium. It is a true and accurate explanation of not only the action of Ruth Hegarty but in any case of her family and the other Aboriginals held at Cherbourg delegation from the 1930`s. Is that you, Ruthie by Ruth Hegarty should be included as a resource for Indigenous Studies as students will gain an fellow feeling of how events and Government policies of the past impacted on people lives and economics.

By reading “Is that you Ruthie, you will cause an understanding of why, The 1897 Act attributed to a lasting legacy of harm and disadvantage affecting Indigenous Australians.
Ruth Hegarty was bone in 1929 at Mitchell Hospital, her mother Ruby was young and single they live in Mitchell. When Ruth was still an infant they have to move to the Cherbourg settlement. While going back in 1930 Australia was into the decline and cutting back on their employment. (Page 7) It was the first impact on Aboriginal people were going to lose their job, hard time was started for all the families and everywhere. They were starting to feel the depth of poverty caused by the great depression. So many families have to move to different places to find work and place for living, but who knows that dark cloud are coming toward to their families they are going to separated from...

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