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Social Responsibilty Essay

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Ethical Situations in Business EST1                     8.11.14

    Company Q’s attitude towards social responsibility is not positive at all.   Losing money and having to close stores can put a sour taste in any business.   Yet, the general attitude is negative.   It seems as though they are blaming the customers for losing money.   “We have done what the customers wanted, providing health-conscience and organic prices, ALL in which have high profit margins.” They don’t seem to have much respect or trust for their employees either.   Citing “Worries over lost revenue or stealing by those who might say they are donating food.”
There are several different actions that Company Q could improve their attitude toward social responsibility.
  *   Determine the turn over rate in which how long and how       soon a product can be moved off the shelf.   If there is a high turnover, less chances of it going bad and it reduces product waste and loss revenue.   They can study to see which may be seasonal and carry certain items during a particular season. This will still make the customers happy by carrying what they want and the business can still make profit.

  *   If the company is in high crime area, perhaps it is needed to have security cameras.   This would elevate the accusation of employees “stealing”, yet can also make the employee feel safe and cared for that at the business is concerned for their safety. The company has fulfilled their social responsibility by having a safe work environment for their employee.   Employees who know they are cared for will be more inclined to be loyal to their boss.

  * If management agrees to donate day-old products, it gives the community a positive outlook on the business.   I would feel if I knew that a business is charitable towards their community, I as a customer would be more inclined to shop there.   A business must have more positive PR than negative.   Again, more customers, more profit.

In conclusion, if Company Q take...

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