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Social Penetration Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: elgigglez39
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Social Penetration Theory" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Social Penetration Theory talks about how relationship develops. Basically at the beginning of a starting a relationship one is relatively shallow and just disclose meaningless things as what color one likes, what is one favorite movie etc. Which as time goes on in the relationship one start to disclose deeper stuff that will make them vulnerable and give power to the other partner. The relationship I been with usually just start by trying to find any type of moment to make an excuse to talk to the person that I like. At first we would just talk about what each other like. For example what movies we like, or what music genre we listen to. Furthermore, if everything goes right we would usually go out to places as in parties, or hanging out at someone house, or to each other place. If I feel good being around this partner I would take them to parties I go to or would throw which would be full with alcohol or narcotics. I would just see how they are around alcohol and narcotics, if they can be normal without getting scare around this stuff. If my partner at that time is cool with that, I would be more comfortable and confident in being with this partner in talking about more personal topics that have change or scar my life in the past. Some of the topic would be about how I have seen people I know lost their lives. How they pass away in details or why they lost their lives. Others would be of how and why I join a gang. At this level of disclosure I would answer almost any question my partner would ask me, as they would do the same toward me when asking them personal questions which has change or hurt them in the past. Most of my relationship I would usually do this some would end fast others would last awhile. I would do this pattern because I would like to see how my partner at that time would handle the situation. From the outcome I would see if I could trust this person or if it would be better to cut the relationship right there to protect me and that person...

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